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As a ConnectTherapy™ Series Graduate, you know the value of the online library of course resources as a tool for continued learning and reflection. Each year, LJ updates these resources with edits and new content, so we are excited to offer this 12 month subscription to the latest and greatest resources for the ConnectTherapy Series.

If it’s been a few years since you took the Series, or you want to refresh your skills and pick up on things you may have forgotten or missed, this access will give you the learning booster you’re looking for. 

The Series resource library access includes:

  • Key lectures from the Virtual ConnectTherapy & the Thorax and the Virtual ConnectTherapy & the Foot/Ankle courses
  • Updated ConnectTherapy Reference documents (eg. Foot/Ankle Terminology, Corrections Checklist, Vector Analysis Principles, Drivers Diagnostic Algorithm, etc.)
  • Most current versions of the In-Person ConnectTherapy Series handouts & Pre-course Prep documents
  • PDFs of reference articles
  • Video library of practical techniques for the whole body, including newly created content (hours and hours!)

Price & Access (for all 3 parts) 

The price for twelve (12) months access to all Series course resources is $750 (CAD + 5% GST) — this equates to just over $60 / month to access learning boosters at any time.

To purchase access to the most current Resource Library (2022), please download the registration form and return to:

If you are interested in gaining access to the recordings of the Virtual Weekends (Part 1, 2 and 3) from the current Series, please also connect with Jennie at:

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  • Date(s): 12 Months Access - Self-Paced Learning
  • Duration: 100 Days
  • Cost: $750 + 5% GST (CAD) For 12 Months Access



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