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    Understand the Role of the Thorax in Whole Body Function with ConnectTherapy & the Thoracic Ring Approach™

    Do you feel like the thoracic spine and ribcage are like a “black box”? Are you puzzled by clinical experiences …

     Online Course
     Self Paced - Online with over 11 Hours of Content
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    Understand integrated function of the Foot/Ankle Complex in Whole Body Function with ConnectTherapy™

    Are you looking for a simple yet powerful way of looking at function and treatment of the foot and ankle? Tired of navigating through the maze of conflicting information and terminology in the foot/ankle literature? Interested in learning how to maximize results and make changes to your patients’ feet that previously have been considered unchangeable and “structural”?

     Online Course
     Self-Paced Virtual Course
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    Find the Driver & Treat the Whole Person with ConnectTherapy™

    On this 2-day Virtual course, you’ll learn the essential and uncomplicated anatomy & mechanics of optimal pelvis function, the anatomy of the abdominal wall, and what tests allow you to not only to determine common pain generators in the pelvis, but more importantly, determine when the pelvis is the Primary Driver of the patient’s symptoms.

     Online (Virtual)
    Access for 12 months from Registration
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    Connect The Whole Body & Optimize Performance With ConnectTherapy™ & the Thoracic Ring Approach™
    4.5 Day Format

    Determine when the thorax is or is not the primary driver for pain or reduced performance during whole body movements through learning the manual skills and clinical reasoning framework of the Thoracic Ring Approach and ConnectTherapy.

     Sydney, NSW, Australia
    Virtual (Self-Paced), 2 days
    In-Person, November 17-19, 2023
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    A Whole Person Approach to Optimizing the Foot/Ankle Complex

    We’re excited to launch this brand new ConnectTherapy™ course taking place at the LJLI Headquarters in North Vancouver! By the end of this course you’ll have new tools to assess the foot and ankle, enhanced hands-on and visual perceptive abilities to see where and how the foot is non-optimal during functional tasks, and new treatment techniques to release and train Foot/Ankle Drivers for better function across multiple activities. Join us for 2.5 days of demystifying and simplifying this important region with ConnectTherapy.

     North Vancouver, BC, Canada
     Jan 26- 28, 2024
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    Find the Driver & Treat the Whole Person with ConnectTherapy™ & the Thoracic Ring Approach™

    This course teaches you the skills to determine when the pelvis is the true Driver for the patient’s problem, or a victim from a Driver elsewhere.
    You’ll also come away from this course with a clear understanding of the influence of other body regions on the pelvis, including Dr. LJ Lee’s innovative proposals from the Thoracic Ring Approach™.

     Sydney, NSW, Australia
    INPERSON: FEB 23-25, 2024