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*NOTE:The materials and techniques presented are intended for use as educational resources for qualified registered physiotherapists/ physical therapists. Clinical reasoning and professional judgment must be used in individual cases to determine if and how the therapist should implement the techniques based on their knowledge of their own skills and abilities and the condition of the patient. Terms and Conditions Apply

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Evaluating Evidence-Based Practice,
with Dr. LJ Lee and Roger Kerry – IFOMPT 2012

This is the full Focused Symposium presented by LJ (Linda-Joy Lee) along with Roger Kerry (University of Nottingham) at the International Federation of Orthopaedic Manipulative Physical Therapists (IFOMPT) 2012 conference in Quebec City, Canada, on October 4, 2012. EBP was introduced into health care over 20 years ago and in this presentation LJ and Roger explore and challenge current definitions and the application of EBP in physiotherapy. The evidence for EBP is examined, and the role of clinical expertise and experience is discussed in the context of wise clinical decision-making. What is the evidence for EBP?