No doubt you will have many questions of us. How Dr. Linda-Joy Lee International may affect you, and in particular, how its existence may affect your past relationship and educational journey with Discover Physio? What happens to your Discover Physio Series (ISM) Graduate status? How the new ConnectTherapy™ assessment and treatment model may impact the manner in which you communicate with your colleagues and patients?

Here we have made an attempt to anticipate many of these types of questions. If you have any queries that fall outside of the below FAQs, please do not hesitate to contact us from this site and we will get back to you as soon as possible. It is anticipated, initially, we will experience a fairly high volume of questions flowing into us. That said, we could be a little slow replying to you. It would also be worthwhile revisiting this section of our website, as we may add to the FAQs the very questions you are asking.

Thank you for taking the time to investigate how Dr. Linda-Joy Lee International will Challenge your Mind and Change your World.



Discover Physio/Dr. Linda-Joy Lee International Transition

I’m having trouble signing into My Account on the LJLI website. How do I go about signing-up?

As a past user you should have been sent an email with a temporary password to your account. If you have not received an email, please check your spam folders. If you are still experiencing problems with your account, or would like to setup an account, please email support@ljlee.ca.

Will Dr. Linda-Joy Lee International (LJLI) offer courses previously offered by Discover Physio? For example, the Discover Physio (ISM) Series?

Yes, courses previously offered by Discover Physio will be offered by LJLI. However, the Discover Physio (ISM) Series will not be offered. It is being replaced by the ConnectTherapy Series. This Series incorporates significant advances and changes made to the DP (ISM) Series, affecting overall curriculum and content. For more details on the advances and changes see the ConnectTherapy Series page.

If I wish to access any course support, lectures and on-line videos, formerly offered by Discover Physio, how do I do this?

All course support and/or lectures and videos, formerly offered by Discover Physio, are available on this website via “My Account,” which appears in the upper right corner of the site.

What has happened to Discover Physio? Is it still operating?

No. Discover Physio is no longer operating. Dr. Lee (LJ) has been operating and leading Discover Physio since Diane Lee left the company in 2013. A legal agreement exists, dissolving the company as of December 31, 2014.

Discover Physio Series/ConnectTherapy Series Transition

What are the differences between The Discover Physio Series and ConnectTherapy Series?

Click here to learn more about ConnectTherapy and the ConnectTherapy Series.

What happens to my Discover Physio Series/ ISM Graduate status?

Your Discover Physio Series / ISM Graduate status can be used to apply to Part 4 of the ConnectTherapy Series, where upon completion of part 4 you become a ConnectTherapy Series Graduate, trained in the ConnectTherapy model. Should you wish to challenge yourself further this up-skilling opens the door to higher learning through our Certification Program.

Does this mean all my time and financial investment in The Discover Physio Series has been wasted?

No. Not in any way. In fact, in developing ConnectTherapy and the ConnectTherapy Series, LJ has been very careful to not only protect, but enhance your significant time and financial investment in the Discover Physio Series. All you have invested in the Discover Physio Series provides a foundation for the next step and is, for lack of a better term, “transferable” to the ConnectTherapy Series Part 4.

Am I still able to take The Discover Physio (ISM) Series?

No. Discover Physio no longer exists. Therefore, the Discover Physio Series is no longer available. Dr. Lee (LJ) now offers the ConnectTherapy Series, which incorporates all relevant constructs of the ISM, while focusing on significant advances and changes, thereby changing overall curriculum and content. For more details on the changes see the ConnectTherapy Series page.

ISM/ConnectTherapy Transition

With ConnectTherapy being the new model, what happens to my posting on Find a Physio?

When it comes to Find a Physio, your listing will always carry your ISM Series Graduate designation. Once you have completed Part 4 of the ConnectTherapy Series, your ConnectTherapy Series Graduate status will also be added. Combined, these two designations will offer you a distinct marketing advantage.

With ConnectTherapy now replacing the ISM, what happens to my ISM training/designation?

You remain a graduate of the Discover Physio Series and maintain your ISM designation for as long as you wish. Because ConnectTherapy maintains many basic constructs of the ISM, once you have successfully completed Part 4 of the ConnectTherapy Series, you also automatically become a ConnectTherapy Series Graduate and carry this additional designation.

Once I’m up-skilled in ConnectTherapy Model, how will I change my website to explain this?

Language is important and we will help you with this. All participants who complete the training, transitioning from the ISM to ConnectTherapy, will be supplied with materials to help them communicate with their patients, potential patients and colleagues. This language can be used on your website and across all your collateral/communications materials.

With ConnectTherapy now replacing the ISM model, how do I then become up-skilled in ConnectTherapy?

Your options to become up-skilled in ConnectTherapy are simple. If you are a graduate of the Discover Physio Series, or have completed a 3 Part ISM Series under a qualified ISM instructor, you are qualified to take Part 4 of the ConnectTherapy Series. If you are a registered physiotherapist and have not previously taken any ISM Series or Discover Physio Series course, you can enroll directly into Parts 1-3 of the ConnectTherapy Series from this website, by clicking on Courses & Lectures.


Once Certified, is there anything I will need to do to maintain my Certification status?

It is anticipated there will be regular (annual) updates to the current curriculum that will be provided as part of your licensing fee. In addition, there will be a recurrent training program, which will be shorter update courses than the original Certification process and take place on a less frequent basis– most likely every third or fourth year from the time of becoming Certified.

Once Certified, how will I be allowed to utilize the various Trust Marks?

Use of the Trust Marks will be strictly regulated as they communicate that you have reached a high standard of clinical expertise in the ConnectTherapy and Thoracic Ring Approach Models. LJLI will supply Dr. LJ Lee Certified Practitioners with all the rules, regulations and specifications, as to the use of the Trust Mark(s). LJLI will also develop and supply guidelines, along with ideas of how to apply the Trust Marks.

If I have taken an ISM Series from another practitioner, can I still apply to LJLI’s Certification Program?

Absolutely! If you have completed an ISM Series with another practitioner, this provides you with the basic requirements to enter Part 4 of LJLI’s ConnectTherapy™ Series. Once you have successfully completed Part 4, your ConnectTherapy Series Graduate status allows you to apply to take LJLI’s robust Certification Program.

Are there any ongoing costs once I am certified?

Yes, there is an annual licensing fee of $400 USD, which will cover use of the Trust Mark and on-going clinical and marketing support. 

What do I need to do to apply to LJLI’s Certification Program?

First you need to have successfully completed Parts 1 through 3 of The Discover Physio Series with LJ Lee and/or Diane Lee; completed a 3 Part ISM Series under a qualified ISM instructor, and/or Parts 1 through 3 of the ConnectTherapy Series with LJ Lee. From there you will have to successfully complete Part 4 of the ConnectTherapy Series with LJ Lee. Once these prerequisites have been met, you are able to apply to LJLI’s Certification Program.

Will Certification only be offered in Vancouver? Why?

First, HAVE YOU BEEN to Vancouver? It’s one of the most beautiful cities in the world, as well as a superb learning environment. That said, it’s physically where LJLU is located. Just as important, the practical component is such a large part of Certification it is essential to have unfettered access to real patient cases. To find a facility elsewhere—one that would satisfy this critical practical component– would be both challenging and cost prohibitive. In terms of a global educational opportunity, Vancouver’s proximity to the rest of the world offers logistical advantages. Hosting Certification in Vancouver actually delivers cost-cutting measures and helps keeps our pricing structure attractive.