Circles of Influence


To have influence—to be able to affect someone, or something– is highly powerful. And in the world of physiotherapy, understanding influence is everything. How one thing influences another. How influencers affect the way we feel in our bodies, and the way we move. How physiotherapists truly influence outcomes for their patients.

The ConnectTherapy Circles of Influence™ provides a broad framework to organize knowledge from multiple domains and determine what is most relevant for successful patient outcomes. It provides physiotherapists the Power to Connect with patients and the Power to assess and treat them in a more complete, holistic, manner. In turn, patients are Empowered through understanding provided by this patient-centered, whole-body assessment process, helping them to experience, live and move better.





Patients are affected by a multitude of competing Systems, Potential Barriers, Facilitators, Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Drivers. Each corresponding circle has the potential to intersect, suggesting at any given time a patient can be affected by a multitude of influencers. The ConnectTherapy Circles of Influence allows the physiotherapist to organize information and determine which influencers are most important, at any given time. It illuminates the construct of Connectedness that is central to ConnectTherapy™, and allows the therapist to summarize how these potential barriers and systems influence the patient’s non-optimal movement strategies and undesirable experiences of their body. Where the circles intersect reveal information—information, which allows clinicians to develop best practices and treatment strategies for optimal function and performance.