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Synergy Physiotherapy Team

Dr. Lee (LJ) is as committed to being a physiotherapist as she is devoted to teaching them. LJ opened her first clinic, Synergy Physiotherapy, in North Vancouver in 2005. For more information about Synergy, LJ’s amazing team of therapist and consults with LJ, please visit


Patient Testimonials

“LJ is a natural healer with impressive assessment skills, a great depth of knowledge and exceptional talent as a hands-on therapist. She will never stop adding to her knowledge which shows in her diagnosis, choice of treatment, supervision of exercises, hands-on work, and continuous encouragement. I feel like I’ve found a whole ‘team of experts’ in one person!”

– Sherilyn, Surrey, BC, Canada

“LJʼs expertise enabled my recovery. Her determination gave me belief that I would recover. Her experience taught me how to stay healthy. LJ is one of those rare people who has found her true calling and excels at it – think Gretzky, Tiger Woods… I believe she is a healer.”

– Rob Smith, North Vancouver, BC

“I am a Canadian adventurer/explorer who has undertaken numerous internationally recognized expeditions since 1999. I have been recognized as one of Canada’s leading explorers by The Globe and Mail and am a long-standing member of the Explorers Club of Canada. My years of adventuring have taught me the critical importance of being physically prepared for the expeditions I undertake.

This past summer three teammates and I attempted to traverse the Northwest Passage solely under human power in a single season. The adventure – called the Last First – was wrought with objective risk and I needed to be at my physical best to perform in this remote and hostile environment.

The rigours presented by our Last First expedition demanded that I be in peak physical condition for the journey but I had one major setback. In the summer of 2009 I was involved in a catastrophic mountain accident that saw me split the head of humerus bone. Surgery was difficult and required 12 screws and a plate to hold everything together and even then the surgeon feared I would lose the joint from avascular necrosis. The joint survived but recovery was slow and through it all I was left with a significant lack of motion in my shoulder.

And then I was introduced to Synergy Physio. In the summer of 2012 Dr. LJ Lee and physiotherapist Gillian McCormick began to work their magic on me. LJ and Gillian created a program of treatment that would see me gain tremendous improvement in both motion and strength in my shoulder. In July 2013 I undertook my expedition. Over the course of the adventure I would row almost non-stop in 3-hour shifts, 24 hours/day, for 55 days in a grueling rowing marathon that would make most healthy shoulders fall apart. My shoulder held up. I can say with certainty that because of the help I received from Synergy Physio I was able to do this expedition. The assistance provided by LJ and Gillian was crucial to the success of my expedition and I am deeply grateful for their guidance.”

– Kevin Vallely, North Vancouver, BC