Virtual and InPerson, ConnectTherapy™ Series Part 4, Sydney

Connect to What's Next | ConnectTherapy™ and the Thoracic Ring Approach™


Please note, this course is spilt into a Virtual and InPerson portion.

The  Virtual portion of the Part 4 ConnectTherapy™ Series is the prerequisite for this In Person Course and must be watched before the InPerson dates. Access to the virtual portion will be granted upon registration approval.

You’re a graduate of the ConnectTherapy™ Series and now you’re looking for more up-skilling in this whole body assessment & treatment approach. You’re looking for what’s next?

Series graduates all over the world have been asking this question. Looking for a “next step” course, a course experience which allows them to take their hands-on skills, clinical reasoning and treatment efficacy to the next level.

This course is the In-Person component of Part 4, designed to enhance your skills, fill in gaps, and teach you new skills and concepts to increase your clinical effectiveness and increase your confidence so you get more of those “wow” moments every day.

Advance and hone your abilities to determine the impact of your corrections on distal areas, using not only palpation, but with enhanced visual acuity and tools like ConnectTherapy “Impact Tests”. Clarify and advance your understanding of the Thoracic Ring Approach™, and understand different types of Co-Drivers – including how to get to more effective and efficient treatment.

Learn how to differentiate Dural Drivers from Co-Drivers and why this is so important for the appropriate treatment plan. Exercise progression is also a key topic on this course for all different Drivers. Get a deeper understanding of the ConnectTherapy Exercise Prescription framework and tools such as “Self-Checks”, “Cue Checks”, and “Reset Exercises” that empower the patient and facilitate independence as they explore more movement options and variability. 

This course is a favourite of past ConnectTherapy Series graduates and many of our grads take this course several times, as the content is updated each year to include new advances and information created by LJ and the teaching team. 

The Part-4 ConnectTherapy Series not only promises you all this, it also completes the prerequisite work required to apply to LJ’s robust Certification Program.

To register, please download the registration form from this page and return to

If you have previously registered and completed the 11-hour Virtual component of the ConnectTherapy™ Series, Part 4 Course, you only need to register and pay for the InPerson component that comes with Resource library access – please email: directly for a registration form.

  • Location: Sydney, Australia
  • Date(s): November 7-10, 2024
  • Duration: 4 Days
  • Cost: $2975.00 AUD (inc 10% gst)



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