The Thoracic Ring Approach™ (Part B) – Treatment: Principles and Demonstration

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Lecture Duration: 52 Minutes
*NOTE: The materials and techniques presented are intended for use as educational resources for qualified registered physiotherapists/physical therapists. Clinical reasoning and professional judgment must be used in individual cases to determine if and how the therapist should implement the techniques based on their knowledge of their own skills and abilities and the condition of the patient.
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This series of videos is a continuation of the case study presented in The Thoracic Ring Approach (Part A) Assessment videos and includes how to perform “thoracic ring vector analysis” to determine the underlying impairments of the thoracic ring driver. This is followed by an overview of treatment principles and treatment techniques developed by LJ for the thoracic rings, including “ring stack and breathe”, thoracic ring taping, specific segmental motor control cues for the thoracic rings, and how to integrate thoracic ring control into meaningful movement & performance using neuroplasticity concepts.

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Lecture Duration

52 Minutes