Part 4 ConnectTherapy™ Series LJLI Resources

CAD $30.00 / month

Part 4 ConnectTherapy™ Series LJLI Resources

Following 1 year of access to the ConnectTherapy™ Series Part 4 Resources, this monthly subscription can be purchased to continue to access the robust collection of over 13 hours of custom course videos produced by LJ Lee as well as extensive course handouts, reference articles and resources. This subscription also includes access to all new videos and resources developed by LJ as they are created.

*NOTE: The materials and techniques presented are intended for use as educational resources for qualified registered physiotherapists/ physical therapists. Clinical reasoning and professional judgment must be used in individual cases to determine if and how the therapist should implement the techniques based on their knowledge of their own skills and abilities and the condition of the patient.
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To purchase this product, you must successfully complete the ConnectTherapy™ Series Part 4.


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Monthly Subscription to the Part 4 ConnectTherapy™ Series LJLI Resources.