The Thoracic Ring Approach™ (Part A) – Introduction to Key Concepts & Assessment, Meaningful Task Analysis to Find a Thoracic Ring Driver

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Lecture Duration: 1 hour 40 minutes

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*NOTE: The materials and techniques presented are intended for use as educational resources for qualified registered physiotherapists/ physical therapists. Clinical reasoning and professional judgment must be used in individual cases to determine if and how the therapist should implement the techniques based on their knowledge of their own skills and abilities and the condition of the patient.
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These five videos cover the theory behind LJ’s Thoracic Ring Approach™ and demonstrate the palpation and assessment techniques to assess the 3-dimensional integrated function of the thoracic ring(s) during key screening tasks for thoracic function and Meaningful Task Analysis (MTA) to determine whether or not specific levels in the thorax are the primary driver for the patient’s meaningful complaint.

The theory, techniques, and material presented here were developed by Dr. Linda-Joy (LJ) Lee over the past 15 years, and these videos were recorded and produced in conjunction with Clinical Edge.

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Lecture Duration

1 hour 40 minutes