Virtual & Live ConnectTherapy™ Refresher Course for Series Graduates


Are you a ConnectTherapy Series Grad looking for some fresh insight and learning to energize your clinical practice? Want some time with LJ to answer your questions and discuss challenges? Do you want to take Part 4 of the Series but it feels like your ConnectTherapy Series was a while ago and you need a “Refresher” to boost your practice?

Then is the course for you! Join all 3-parts of the upcoming LIVE Virtual ConnectTherapy Series where you’ll hear the most current lectures and exercise demonstrations for all Drivers in ConnectTherapy & the Thoracic Ring Approach™. 

This course includes:

  • participation in the LIVE content at the upcoming 3 Virtual weekends for the current ConnectTherapy Series – this is 10 ours of content per part/ weekend, spread out from end of October 2023 to June 2024
  • access to the recordings of all the Virtual content (more than 30 hours) to review the LIVE session material for 12 months after the start of the course
  • three (3) LIVE Q&A Virtual sessions with LJ (1.5 hours each) to discuss your clinical questions and content relevant to past Series Grads – these are sessions scheduled separately for the Refresher group without the current Series class
  • 12 months access to the recordings of the LIVE Q&A Virtual sessions after the course

The LIVE Q&A Virtual sessions include multiple clinical case study discussions with LJ’s insights and recommendations to the participants – this is what our inaugural participants said about these sessions:

“I just wanted to pass on to LJ that the Refresher Course was just what I needed. I find it hard to travel with 3 children, so this was the perfect format for me at the moment. I loved that I could access the videos in my own time and then have a group session with LJ for questions. I also really enjoyed hearing the other participants questions. I have learnt a lot from them.

There were a lot of new things/additions to the course that have filled a lot of knowledge gaps for me. I am due for a skills upgrade, which I think was evident by my foot/knee question, so I’m hoping to jump into a Part 4 next year.

It also blows my mind that LJ knew what I was missing with my patients, just from hearing my patient stories. I have applied her suggestions with great success.”       Jaquie Goldsack, Australia 

“The virtual sessions were very practical and mind expanding and so practical.

I had to share a case study with you – one of my good friends I’ve seen for the past 9 months with radiculopathy symptoms in her L arm, wrist and hand. I have been treating her since the start – she appeared to have flared up her pelvis after playing touch footy, and then continued going to the gym and worsened her symptoms. I’d been treating her pelvis// it would ease her C6/7 NOLT; but she’s had a hard time returning to exercising without re-flaring her symptoms. She’s seen neurologists, CT scan, different medications etc.

To cut a long story short; I saw her on the 29th April this year (straight after the Refresher course!) and picked up the remaining piece of her puzzle – a R LE – R knee and R foot Co-Driver. It fully corrected her pelvis and C6/7; her MST – squat – had been causing her arm to tingle – cleared post Rx. I just saw her today for 3rd session since starting on the R LE – and she’s better than she’s been for 9 months, and so excited about returning to gym and exercise! :)))))))))))))))))

I have no doubt you get this feedback a lot, but – its always so worthwhile to do courses with you …. ! My friend/patient would never have been able to get the Rx she needed for her condition without your teaching and the work you’re doing to teach and refine and re-educate health providers”.           Derek Tan, Australia

If you’re planning on taking Part 4 of the ConnectTherapy Series, or getting ready to start your ConnectTherapy Practitioner Certification journey, or attending other InPerson Courses when LJ travels near you, this is a great way to Refresh and get ready for upcoming courses! 


  • Location: Virtual, Online
  • Duration: 6 Days
  • Cost: $1990.00 CAD (+gst)



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