Advanced Thoracic Ring Skills & Exercise Prescription

Treatment Progression & Exercise Program Design with ConnectTherapy™ & the Thoracic Ring Approach™





Want to improve your ability to assess and treat the thoracic rings? Need more structure and guidelines for developing exercise programs for patients with thoracic ring Drivers? This two-day course is designed especially for you! Highly practical in nature, this course builds on the thoracic ring skills taught in the introductory Thoracic Ring Approach™ courses (i.e., “Sports Thorax” and “The Thorax”) and is also applicable for those who first learned their thoracic ring skills on the ISM Series or the ConnectTherapy™ Series. 

  • Take your “ring skills” to the next level with labs that improve your skills to assess, correct and treat the thoracic rings, and enhance your ability to release vectors through dynamic vector analysis & release (and concurrently train new movement strategies)
  • Improve your ability to diagnose the presence of “dual drivers” in the thorax, and the relationships between them
  • Enhance observation skills during movement analysis and exercise performance to be able to visually detect non-optimal load transfer NOLT)/ poor control of the thoracic rings during complex and sport-specific movements
  • Enhance tactile palpation skills – how to monitor and facilitate optimal exercise execution and performance
  • Review the ConnectTherapy & Thoracic Ring Approach Three (3) Phases of Treatment and specific exercise prescription framework – practice using and seeing the power of ConnectTherapy tools such as “cue checks”, “self-checks” and “reset exercises” applied specifically to the thorax
  • Learn how to determine the underlying reason that you are having challenges progressing exercises for thoracic ring drivers – what clinical signs indicate that you need to do more vector releases vs. choose an easier exercise vs. identify a true “strength hole” related to the thoracic ring driver
  • Increase your repertoire of exercises for the thoracic rings and provide a clinical reasoning framework for how to choose which exercise progressions are needed to reach goals in an efficient and timely manner

After these two days, you will have greater clarity in your understanding of how to assess and treat clients with thoracic ring drivers, greater confidence in your thoracic ring skills, and enhanced ability to analyze your current exercise progressions and determine the missing pieces to successfully progressing your patients’ training programs. 

Prerequisites: a 3-day or 4-day Sports Thorax or Thorax course, the ISM Series, or the ConnectTherapy Series, and a minimum of 2 months practicing Thoracic Ring Approach skills clinically. 



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  • Location: Sutton, Surrey, UK
  • Date(s): June 10-11, 2016
  • Duration: 2 Days



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