Steven Hanks


Steve started his career chasing adventures in the mountains of Japan and Canada until his sentiment towards Physio shifted as he searched for better results than traditional ‘name and blame’ approaches. To his disbelief, he ended up in Dr. LJ Lee’s clinic in North Vancouver where he spent time integrating her whole body approach that takes the guesswork out of clinical reasoning.
He continues to deliver excellent results to his clients through his knowledge of ConnectTherapy, Dry Needling and Clinical Pilates. In a sporting context, Steve enjoys working with professional athletes and weekend warriors in skiing, snowboarding, running and soccer.
He takes interest in stubborn knees, shoulders, spinal and foot problems as well as concussions and impairments to the nervous system. His love for sport came with his fair share of injuries which helps him be aware of the struggles of some clients. There’s nothing more exhilarating than moving well - whether that’s getting a new PB or playing with your grand-daughter.When not in the clinic, Steve is probably on some sort of adventure. He loves experiencing other cultures and understanding different perspectives. He enjoys playing guitar, camping, hiking, soccer, tennis and snowboarding. He’s also been learning how to surf for the last 10 years
I was one of those lucky people who stuck to their guns from a young age. As a kid, I was always fascinated with skeletons and loved sport so decided to study Physio after school. It turned out to be a great job to travel the world working and snowboarding after graduating. I had the opportunity to explore some great locations around Japan and Canada where I would work in ski towns and have exposure to professional snow sports. It was a work hard/play hard lifestyle where in my free time I could go snowboarding around some of the best mountains in the world while meeting some amazing people. Helping people comes with rewards, happiness is contagious.


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