Sarah Meredith

Physiotherapist / Physical Therapist


In spite of 30 years of practice, having graduated from physiotherapy school in the UK in 1987, I still feel like there is so much to learn.  This is not from a lack of trying.  I must have taken every orthopaedic course available in Britain, following the traditional Cyriax, Maitland and Jander Principles, before landing in Canada in 1991.

In Canada I was tutored by Lori Maffey-Ward and Maureen Mooney who got me through my Advanced Manual Therapy A & B exams.  Added accupuncture, took the Diane Lee and LJ's pelvic and thoracic courses, then MET.  Mark Comeford and Gray Cook filled in some of the gaps.  IMS followed.  It felt like someone had given me a magic wand, but there still are patients for whom I still can't get to the bottom of their problems.

I have taken LJ's thoracic course, but have been unsuccessful in integrating this assessment and treatment method into my practice.  I realize now that there are no shortcuts.  It is an all-or-nothing method. As such, I am so looking forward to taking the dive and continuing this journey of leaning with you all and LJ.

Sarah  : )

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