Robert (Bobby) Edwards

Physiotherapist / Physical Therapist


Bobby graduated with his Masters Degree in Physiotherapy from the University of British Columbia. He has completed certification in Functional Dry Needling (IMS/intramuscular stimulation) from Kinetacore and attained a Certificate in Anatomical Acupuncture with the AFCI.Since graduation, Bobby has continued to develop his hands on manual therapy skills with post-graduate training in orthopaedics, Craniosacral Therapy, Neural and Visceral Manipulation. He has also completed the Connect Therapy Series with Dr. LJ Lee which he has integrated into his treatment techniques to offer the most in-depth treatment as possible.Outside the clinic, Bobby enjoys the outdoors by rock climbing, running and skiing.


COAST Performance Rehab

210-138 E. 13th Street
North Vancouver
British Columbia
V7L 0E5

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