Welcome to the updated ljlee website! It’s taken a while but with the help of my talented team the site has a new look and framework. 

While the synergyphysio.ca website remains the go-to place for information about my clinic, Synergy Physiotherapy (North Vancouver, BC, Canada), and the discoverphysio.ca website is where you’ll find details about my speaking, teaching, and educational work (along with my co-founder Diane Lee), the ljlee site is a place that is meant to add a broader content dimension about things I’m passionate about in both work and play.

This new blog will be the primary vehicle I’ll use to share my musings and experiences – from information in interesting new books and research articles I’m reading to things I learn from meeting great people around the world and doing the things I love to do, like yoga, running, and rowing.

Thanks for your interest and I hope you enjoy the new blog!

June 22, 2011