It’s Truly Official!

LJ received some exciting documents in the mail last week – the official PhD documents and a complimentary copy of her thesis from the School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences at the University of Queensland! LJ’s research with Professor Paul Hodges centred on the thorax, and was titled “Motor Control and Kinematics of the Thorax in Pain-free Function”.

The ideas LJ investigated in her thesis were stimulated from her clinical ideas around motor control of the thorax that are part of her innovative Thoracic Ring Approach (TRA). Concepts such as “Finding the Driver” were developed by LJ within The Thoracic Ring Approach. LJ also was the creator and developer of the principle of “Meaningful Task Analysis”, and both of these concepts have become key features of the collaborative Integrated Systems Model (ISM, LJ Lee & Diane Lee). LJ teaches courses on The Thoracic Ring Approach and the ISM worldwide.

April 10, 2013