Countdown to the 2012 Sydney City2Surf

Countdown to the 2012 Sydney City2Surf – On Sunday August 12, 2012, I will be running the 14 km City2Surf in Sydney to raise funds for the Australian Red Cross in honour of my friend and physiotherapy colleague Sarah who died 2 years ago. I have just over 3 weeks to reach my fundraising goal of $1700. Every small contribution helps, click here to support my run. I value your support and it will help me make it up each step of the 2 km long “heartbreak hill”! Here is the posting from my fundraising page that explains why I do this run.

In memory of Sarah, you will never be forgotten

In March 2010 my friend and physiotherapy colleague Sarah Gordon passed away after a battle with leukemia. She was only 36, and it was a shock – she had been making good recovery after a bone marrow transplant and I was full of hope. It was hard to believe, hard to accept. I found out when I was away from home, teaching in Japan, and the best place to process my grief was with every step of my morning runs. Sarah was there, with me, on every run. 

As schedules and life would have it, I could be in Sydney for the famous City2Surf. When I saw on the website that I could raise money for a charity, my heart rate quickened… Sarah had been an advocate for The Red Cross, as she recognized that blood and bone marrow donations had extended her life. So I scrolled through the lists, and found the Red Cross, and decided to run for Sarah. 

Sarah lived in Canada, but I found out from her parents that her bone marrow donor had come from Australia or New Zealand. Running in Australia in memory of Sarah seems exactly the right fit. 

Sarah lived her short life fully, with grace and beauty. She was a gifted dancer, beautiful to watch on the stage. She was a skilled and passionate physiotherapist. She gave so much to all in her life. So I run to celebrate her amazing life, as she will never be forgotten. And I run so that her memory continues to go on helping other people, because that is something that would have pleased her very, very much.

July 23, 2012