You may be wondering why your attempt to access discoverphysio.ca has been redirected to ljlee.ca? That’s a fair question.

As you may be aware, in 2013 Diane Lee decided to leave Discover Physio (DP). This left me operating the company, until December 31, 2014. We have a legal agreement in place, which dissolved Discover Physio as of this day. This means, DP no longer exists and discoverphysio.ca has been shutdown.

In its place is my new education company, Dr. Linda-Joy Lee International. Everything once offered by DP will be offered here, at this website, but with significant changes and developments; changes and developments that will lead to more clinicians becoming up-skilled in effective, patient-centred treatment models.

If you have a specific enquiry that cannot be addressed by searching this website, please click Connect in the navigation bar above. Someone from my team will be back with an answer to your question, as soon as possible.

Best, Linda-Joy (LJ) Lee