The ConnectTherapy™ Series Sydney 2017

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Product Description

Course Structure: The course consists of 15 days of face-to-face learning, spread out over 3-five day sessions (Parts 1-3) and combined with extensive online support and directed course preparation:

  • Online videos covering practical demonstrations, lectures and case studies
  • Book and journal article recommended readings, directed anatomy & biomechanics review to prepare for each part of the ConnectTherapy Series
  • Online peer and tutor support via an online forum. The forum is secure so that patient case studies with photos and videos can be posted and discussed for optimal facilitation of problem solving

There is a high Instructor/Assistant to Student Ratio (at least 1:6) to ensure a high level of quality feedback for skill acquisition and development of clinical reasoning skills. Let the ConnectTherapy Series Challenge your Mind and Change your World, and the worlds of your patients. The ConnectTherapy Series is the pre-requisite for The ConnectTherapy Series Part 4 and Practitioner Certification. It runs every year in Vancouver and at least one other international location.

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