Gregory Ryan

Physiotherapist / Physical Therapist


I qualified in 1991 and and, looking back on my career, I've been amazed at how my clinical approach has morphed over the years as experience and courses have shaped me. I cringe as well at some of the stuff I used to hold true.

I attended LJ's Sporting Pelvis course in the UK in 2014 and, within the first 20 minutes of the first day, I knew that my clinical life was about to change. Since then it's been a matter of continually surprising myself and my patients as I unlock problems I never thought were there in the first place! Still a huge amount to learn and holes in my knowledge to be filled, so still being enthused by physiotherapy after doing it for 25 years is, for me, a joy - no pun intended.

I like nothing more than playing with my kids and, after that and in no particular order; riding my bike, watching rugby or a gripping Box Set, reading anything that piques my interest and good food and wine with friends


HFS Clinics
Physiotherapist and Director

60 Harley Street

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