ConnectTherapy™ Practitioner Certification 2021

Advance your Skills in ConnectTherapy™ & the Thoracic Ring Approach™

LJLU Certification

Pursuing Practitioner Certification is not for the faint of heart. But as a Series graduate, and someone trained in the ISM and Thoracic Ring Approach™, as well as up-skilled in the ConnectTherapy™ model, you will already know this.

The demand from Series Graduates for more structured mentorship and professional development is at the root of LJ’s Certification Program. Through Linda-Joy Lee University (LJLU), LJ he has developed an extensive curriculum, to enable motivated clinicians to engage in advanced training—affording them the ability to deliver the ConnectTherapy and Thoracic Ring Approach models — with a higher degree of confidence and expertise. As well, the opportunity exists to apply to participate in further training to support and teach other clinicians these approaches.

If you have completed Part 4 of The ConnectTherapy Series, Certification then becomes your next step, and the entry point of the process is Practitioner Certification. Practitioner Certification is made up of three individual courses, Parts 1, 2 and 3. It is structured around mentorship in small group settings, where the student to instructor ratio is low—focusing on practical application of skills, clinical case studies, treatment progressions, assessment and treatment in the clinical setting, intensive feedback and hands-on skills. Completion of each individual course requires successful exam completion before proceeding to the next course.  

Once certified, Practitioners may choose to pursue different pathways. For example, Certified Mentors are trained to provide skills development and mentoring in small group and patient consultation settings for therapists taking the ConnectTherapy Series and starting Practitioner Certification. Certified Assistants provide high-level support on ConnectTherapy and Thoracic Ring Approach courses. Assistants can also apply to participate in Short Course Instructor and Faculty training, where they will be trained to teach and deliver high quality ConnectTherapy courses around the world.

The downstream benefits to becoming a Certified Practitioner will also allow you to distinguish yourself in a business context—offering you a distinct marketing benefit. With Certification comes the use of the Dr. LJ Lee Certified Trust Mark, which may be used on your website, letterhead, in-clinic and on a host of your communication materials. This Trust Mark tells the public that you have achieved a specific level of clinical expertise in the ConnectTherapy and Thoracic Ring Approach models.

As you can see, LJ’s Certification Program offers so much more. Attend LJLU and take the first step to becoming a Dr. LJ Lee Certified Practitioner.  It will Challenge your Mind and Change your World… and the worlds of your patients.

  • Location: Part 1: Victoria, BC
  • Date(s):
    Part 1: Virtual Date- Sunday, June 13th (10.00 am - 3.30 pm)
    Part 1: In Person - Saturday, July 10th (8.15 am – 5:00 pm) Registration starts at 8am
    Part 1: In Person - Sunday, July 11th (8.30 am – 5:00 pm)
    In Person - Saturday, July 24th & Sunday, July 25th
    Part 2: TBD Part 3: TBD



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