Foot/Ankle Drivers & Their Connections

Skill Enhancement Workshops
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Skill Enhancement Workshops are one-day courses specially designed to provide support for skill improvement in specific regions of the body in small group settings. The course is designed for Graduates of the 3-part ConnectTherapy Series who have completed the workshop region of the day or ISM Series graduates. It is very beneficial for those who are considering enrolling in Part 4 of The Series.

These workshops are also helpful for Graduates of the ConnectTherapy Series Part 4 and can help participants prepare for application to the LJLI Certification program. 

Workshops are designed to provide specific feedback on your assessment and treatment skills for a specific type of driver in the body. This workshop day will focus on Foot/Ankle Drivers and the connections of this region to whole body function & performance and will be led by ConnectTherapy Certified Practitioner, Certified Mentor and Certified Assistant, Lindsay Geddes.

The aims of the day are highly practical and include to:

  • enhance your skills in determining if the foot and ankle complex shows non-optimal load transfer (NOLT) in different tasks,
  • improve your analysis skills and ability to correlate symptoms and overload problems with the overall relationship of the body to gravity and how that relates to patterns of foot/ankle NOLT
  • enhance your foot/ankle correction skills so you can more efficiently and confidently rule-in and rule-out the foot region as a driver during Meaningful Task Analysis (MTA)
  • enhance your visual observation skills to determine an optimal foot “pyramid”
  • enhance your abilities to maintain a correction with 1-hand as you identify the impact of your correction on other regions of the body, and apply foot skills into the DDC
  • develop more efficient clinical reasoning skills
  • practice release techniques for common vectors related to the foot complex being a driver
  • discuss the key treatment and exercise priorities for successful progression through Phase 1 and into late Phase 2
  • get updates on new information in the ConnectTherapy model related to Foot/Ankle Drivers. 

For each workshop, participants will be able to provide a list of their current challenges related to assessment and treatment of the regional driver topic for the workshop. 

Class size is limited to eighteen (18) participants. 

Qualifications/ Pre-requisites:

The course is designed for participants of the ConnectTherapy Series, those wanting more feedback on skills prior to application to Certification after Part 4 of the ConnectTherapy Series, and is also helpful for those considering enrolling in Part 4. Participants must have completed one of:

  • The Discover Physio Series
  • The Series with Dr. LJ Lee
  • The Series in The Integrated Systems Model (ISM) with Diane Lee
  • The ConnectTherapy Series
  • Part 2 of the ConnectTherapy Series

If you would like to request a topic for future Skill Enhancement Workshops please email to send your request as future workshops will be designed on participant feedback.

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  • Location: North Vancouver, BC, Canada
  • Date(s): Saturday, September 8, 2018
  • Duration: 1 Day
  • Cost: $295 CAD + 5% GST



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